Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Round 3 coming right up!

This is what went down at our house Sunday night before bedtime.

Number 3 ShariSShotSHannah1 ShariSShotSHannah2

This is my favorite shot.

ShariSShotSHannah3 ShariSShotSHannah6 ShariSShotSHannah9 ShariSShotSHannah15 ShariSShotSHannah18

These next 2 photos... crack me up!

ShariSShotSHannah20 ShariSShotSHannah19

Since the string kept breaking they turned to the trusty Paper Towel Pull


Did you get it?


Okay, let's see how loose that pesky tooth is now!!


Oh, so close.

. ShariSShotSHannah26

I didn't pick my camera up since it was pretty obvious that this hard headed tooth was not coming out

And, wouldn't you know... ShariSShotSHannah30

Hannah the Toothless Wonder

ShariSShotSHannah29 ShariSShotSHannah27 Third Lost tooth - blood and all.

So that was round 3.

Sorry for the all the blood.