Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Change up!

So, I have been making changes in my photography business a bit. I am revamping my logo (well, not that I every really had a logo) but, I did make one. Now I need to get this made so I can use it on my photos. Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

Along with the logo, I have totally changed all of my prices for my services and I am now offering packages for print. It is kinda scary making all of these changes, it makes me wonder if I will still have work. *crossing fingers* Some times a change 'ill do you good.

Here is the latest change I am doing with my business. I hand made these CD case holders. I was looking to change things up like I mentioned before. I think I like these. Well, at least for now I like them. Check it out - tell me what you think. More Hand Made Marketing tools

Hand made marketing New Marketing Products


ErinBolton said...

I like them LOTS!!! :)

Steph said...

First of all I am in love with your new logo! It's totally you! Also the little CD burlap case covers are an awesome idea. Just another little added touch when you choose ~Shari's Shots~ : )