Monday, January 23, 2012

Stress and the Test

Here is the latest baby update. I just got back from the doctor with Kassee. She had a stress test on the baby this morning and everything check out A-OK with him.

The ultrasound and glucose test was a different story. Kassee is on the borderline gestational diabetic according to the glucose test. The baby is measuring in about 6 pounds. His heart is fine and he looks healthy. The baby has extra amniotic fluid around him. This is nothing to be alarmed over but it does point to diabetes. The placenta measure past full term. she will now be treated as diabetic.

Baby stress test

With those findings the doctor now has to keep a close eye on her and the baby and make a decision:

a) is she full term and going to deliver a small baby?


b) is she 8 months and going to deliver a large baby?

The latter is what he thinks may be happening since it falls in line with her last pregnancy.

She is to do kick counts each day and she will have stress tests on the baby every Monday & Thursday. This Wednesday she will do 3 hour glucose test. Then every other Thursday she will have an ultrasound to monitor the baby. She was directed to pack her bags and go to the hospital when contracts are 5 minutes apart. And she is now considered High Risk.

So Cord could arrive anytime or any day.

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