Friday, December 2, 2011

Steppin' OUT... er... steppin' IN.. I am not sure

Finally, we have moved into the NEW age of the Smart Phones. I have been wanting one for sometime now but didn't want the charges to get out of our current (crappy) contract and service. My son Dean has been talking to us about switching and FINALLY our crappy contract was up so we took Dean up on his offer to go in on his company account and move on up. So, that is exactly what we did. Mike and I both got the iphone 4's. His is black and mine is white not that that matters any but, the white is way more cool looking, I'm jus' sayin'!

So, with that said and all of the photos sessions I am behind on blogging I am going to just share some of my Instagram photos. Just because I can and frankly that is all I have to to post.

If you have Instagram or twitter, drop me a line I would love to follow you. Yeah, not that the 2 readers I have here want to follow me but ya know, I am a nosy thing.

I am so open for some great iphone apps that any of you have encountered and totally can not live without. Come on! Hook me up! Words with Friends - Anyone? Pintrest? Lets be friends!!!!

Now on to a few iphone photos.

Bear-y, Flaming-y & Hannah

Have yourself a Merry little Christmas!

Christmas Nails

Christmas nails

Found on Pintrest. Mini deep dish pizza.

Mini Deep Dish pizzas

Chinese Chicken Joint

Punkin' latte? Yes, Please!

Pumpkin coffee-much needed today

Holed up doing homework, munchin' on salted peanuts waiting on dinner

My dinner at the Lawrenceburger

Lawrenceburger  burger

Moon over Seattle - not really - Sunset in Indiana

Moon over Seattle - not really - sunset over Indiana

Found on my front step

Lost .. but found! One my front step.

Mandy Mander! My Jeep Commander is back she got ran over by a reindeer

Many Mander is back in graystone Metallic

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