Friday, December 9, 2011

The jolly ole' man

My work hosted it's annual Children's Christmas Party this past week. As, in years past it still dons tons of fun for the kiddies. Hannah was so giddy with anticipation to see the big man himself she could hardly get dressed. This year she did not have a melt down and remember her 1/2" thick envelope for Santa. *shew*

I am totally digging my new iphone. Like how cool is it that I can take a photo and post it to Flickr, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with ONE click? Totally Cool!

When we entered the venue to jumped in line to see the jolly ole' man himself. The line was not as long as it was in years past and that was a good thing since this 7 year old could not contain herself and her special letter. I mean really - Oh My Gosh - after all it IS Santa!!!! ShariSShotSDec1 ShariSShotSDec4

Funny side note here. Santa asked Hannah what she wanted for Christmas and Hannah just nodded towards the envelope he held in his hand. I said Hannah, Tell him your top 3 things you want. She nodded toward the envelope again. *head butt* Come on, Hannah this is SANTA! She would not talk to him. I have no idea what was in the 1/2" thick envelope she presented the ole' dude. *whistles* I hope HE brings her everything she asked for. *sigh*


The Christmas Diva. This girl LOVES to dress up. The make up? See it? That is compliments of herself!

ShariSShotSDec2 ShariSShotSDec3

and we were to the games, food and candy! ShariSShotSDec9 ShariSShotSDec11 Yes, I know the focus is off. But I only had a second to grab this shot. Grrr. I so wanted those coins in focus. Oh, well you win some and you loose some. ShariSShotSDec12 ShariSShotSDec6 ShariSShotSDec7 Pink & White candy cane? Whatever floats your boat, baby! ShariSShotSDec8 ShariSShotSDec13 ShariSShotSDec14 ShariSShotSDec15

And this brings me to the part where my battery dies. Oh yes, the battery dies like 30 minutes into the festivities. Go ahead and throw stones but I did not take anything except my camera (no extra card, battery or even my purse). So, BOO!

But, let me tell you the reason my battery died. You see, I had a deal fall into my lap that I could not resist. Mike and I drove 3+ hours to pick up this

The New kid on the block!

Yes, I am now the proud owner of a Nikon D300. This is the camera I eventually wanted to upgrade to. I so happens I got to upgrade way sooner than I expected. Now, Let me say that I can NOT take a single photo with this bad girl (yet)! Mike sits back rubbing his hand together and started learning how to run the D90, hince the battery run down. He has all but taken the D90 into his possession. I have another shoot before he can have her. Hannah is all about wanting to have the D40. Ha, she just asked for the Nikon J1 for Christmas. Really, girl?

Everyone have a lovely Christmas (or what ever holiday you celebrate). If you need me... I will be huddled over in the corner reading the manual to the NEW D300. ;)

Muuuuuhhhh! My D300 brings all the boys to the yard! Oh yeah baby.


Ashley Sisk said...

HA HA - I love the side story...she's like "everything he needs to know is there."

He & Me + 3 said...

Oh girl! I am so super jealous. I need to start earning money for pictures again. Love it! cute pics from the party too.

Jodie said...

I'm glad you got the Iphone. Pictures on the go! I must say too, that Hannah is beautiful now but I think she is going to be really GORGEOUS as she gets older. She'll be really popular with the boys! :)