Thursday, November 17, 2011

Taylor Tiger Turkey Lurky

Eeep! Where has the time gone? Really, I can not believe that my last post was a Halloween post! Holy Smokes Batman! I suppose you can say I have been busy. Who am I fooling I.AM.STILL.BUSY!

Here is a quick run down. I have 2 weddings that I am behind on posting. I am currently editing 3 photo shoots for family that want their photos before Thanksgiving. I have a photo shoot tonight and a big *very special* shoot on Saturday. Then every week-end I have family shoots. Oh - did I mention that I work 40 hours a week? Yeah, I have a full time job also.

My nephew and his wife (we have not met) are flying in from California, where he is stationed with the Marines. He just returned from active duty in Afghanistan and we are extremely thankful that he is home safe and sound. So - since they will be here in Indiana next week we are throwing an AFTER wedding / Jump the broom / Get together for them since none of us have met his new wife and were not there when they got married. I along with my mom and brother have been getting things in order for this shindig next week. I am going to want to take photos and.. well.. you get the picture (non pun intended) here.. When will I have time to get everything finished?

AND does anyone want to come over and help me find time to get my Christmas tree up and gifts bought? AnyOne????

I bought a Jeep Commander back in October and after I had it for 2 weeks we hit a deer. Mind you - I had not made my first payment on it. But, we hit a deer to the tune of $7,000. It is still in the shop. I want/need my Jeep. Apparently, Chrysler does not have any hoods for the commanders. Really? No hoods at all in the USA? grrr.. I am not a happy camper.

In other news Hannah had her bridge over in Girl Scouts this week. She graduated from a Daisy to a Brownie. This my friends was a big deal for these 10 girls. I am going to end this post with some photos from the bridge Over and the family turkey that Hannah had to make for school.

Meet Taylor Tiger Turkey Lurky! Hannah wanted her turkey to be a Tigers Cheerleader just like she was. So here is the product. Yes, we painted EVERY.SINGLE.SPIRAL macaroni and more!

Taylor Tiger Turkey Lurky Bridge Over From Daisy to a Brownie 1 Bridge Over From Daisy to a Brownie 2 Bridge Over From Daisy to a Brownie 3

The fresh Brownies were singing Make New Friends but keep the old.. it was so sweet!!

Make New friends but keep the old

Cute side note here: This is Mrs. Neiwidde Hannah's teacher. Well, not just Hannah's teacher but she had 8 of the 10 girls in her class at school. The girls invited Mrs. Neiwidde to the bridge over and to their surprise she came. This photo is where all the girls ran to her right after the ceremony.

Mrs. Neididde & the NEW Brownies Bridge Over & Mrs. Neiwidde and Hannah with her beloved teacher. This girl LOVES her teacher

Oh and we (Mike and I) finally stepped into the world of smart phones. We are now the proud owners of iphones. And - I do want to say.. that I never in a million years would have ever thought that I would be asking my 7 year old grand daughter HOW to do this or that on a cell phone. Yup, people - I do. I ask her a lot! haha

And to think that that (iMac & PC) she is growing up with this knowledge. She doesn't know any different. Crazy wild, eh?


Megan said...

Now that is one fabulous turkey - I'm super impressed with the dedication of the painted macaroni!

Jodie said...

Dear God woman, you sound even busier than me! Hope your holidays were relaxing at least :)