Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween - My Pretties!!!

Today marks the day after I gave birth to my oldest child - thirty-one years ago! Oh dear! Anyways - I always make sure to let her know that she is my Premature Witch! ;) I do have a couple of shots from her birthday celebration yesterday, but I have not got them up loaded yet! Yup - I am a slacker!

Also, yesterday, Hannah got to enjoy the Children's Halloween Monster Mash Bash at our Local Arie 2202 Eagles club. So, this post will be of her rockin' out her awesome Bumble Bee costume.

Cute story about the Bumble Bee costume.

Back in September Hannah and I had been shopping at the Old Navy Store and Hannah found the cutest Bumble Bee Costume and fell madly in love. She wanted it so bad, so bad that,she begged her little heart out for her Mimi to buy it for her. I told her that I really didn't have the extra $30 for this Bumble Bee Costume that day, we would talk about it and then maybe later we could come back and buy it. So, on the way home we discussed the costume and she was absolutely positively certain that she really wanted to be a sweet Bumble Bee for Halloween. With that decided we went online to check out Pinterest and see if we could come up with any cool ideas and maybe make a Bumble Bee Costume.

Meanwhile, on that ride home from Old Navy Hannah has conjured up, in her little mind, that her Papaw Mike could build her a Bumble Bee Costume. {snicker} We set out and combed Pinterest and really didn't find anything we even liked for Papaw Mike make build. Miss Hannah was pretty bummed out for a few weeks. Until, Papaw Mike came to the rescue and built ran to the nearest *Halloween Store and BOUGHT her the cutest Bumble Bee Outfit evah! Well, Papaw Mike and I thought it was the cutest Bumble Bee Outfit..EVAH!!

Little did we know that .....

**Miss spoiled Hannah doesn't think the costume that Papaw Mike got her, in the photos below, is nearly as cute as the Old Navy Bumble Bee Costume that she HAD to have. I beg your pardon! See for your self.

I can fly~ The Queen Bee Buzzing with Excitement Bug Buzz

And - a few from the Eagle's Monster Mash Bash yesterday. My friend Davette brought in a cotton candy machine hence the multitude of cotton candy shots.

Bee Love Yes, Please & Thank You! Bee Food Cotton Candy LOVE~ Hannah

P.S. How does one make a Bumble Bee face on a 7 year old?

* We did go back to Old Navy to get the Bumble Bee Costume her little heart desired but alas, they were totally sold out of her size.

** She has NOW forgotten about the OTHER costume and LOVES this one!


Ashley Sisk said...

Way too cute - love the second shot.

Muriel said...

Looks like she had a blast! Love that second one!