Thursday, December 2, 2010

Didja know that A Snowflake is Winter's Butterfly?

Sure it is! I found out today when I got my cool package from Utah!

I participated in Jen's - Love Me or Hate Me little ornament swap this year!

Today my package arrived. See ??
ornament swap 7

All nestled inside were some beautiful goodies that came all the way from Utah! To me - Utah is a long long way. I remember flying over Utah this past May when I flew to Alaska. It seemed like a long way. Yeah, I know I sound like a little kid. :P When I was flying back I had a tiny lay over in Salt Lake. So yeah... Utah is a LONG way away. Anyway - back to the ornament exchange. The goodies!!

Here - take a peek inside.
Ornament 6

Also included (but not shown) was a lovely note along with the beautiful words - A snowflake is just a Winter's butterfly. How appropriate!

My package also included a cute book mark. I say no one can have to many bookmarks. . Yeah - how cute is it?

Ornament sawp5

Bundled up inside the package was the most beautiful snowflake I have ever seen. Look!! go ahead and tell me YOU wish this one could ordaine your tree! Come on! Seriously how gorgeous is this??
ornament swap 2

Ornament Exchange

And here she is.. The newest Winter's butterfly hanging proudly in the front of my tree. I love that each year when I hang her up I will fondly remember that there is a twin sister hanging on a tree in Utah and she will remind someone of the other (twin) in Indiana.

Thank You Kaye~

Ornament swap 4

Hope on over to Jen's - Love Me or Hate Me and check to see what other ornaments were received.

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kaye said...

You're very welcome--you make that snowflake look awful good. What a talented photographer you are. Merry Christmas :)

lisaschaos said...

Beautiful! Love it!!!

Just Jen said...

That is beautiful! I love snowflakes!!

Cassie said...

The ornament is so pretty!