Thursday, August 1, 2013

A little Senior action

The lovely Cerina was in from Virgina visiting recently. I was contacted by her Aunt Deena to hook up with her and get the Senior photos taken. That is just want we did. Cerina was such a good sport and up for any thing that I suggested for photos.

It was so ungodly hot on this day. I so surprised that we didnt melt away. That's summer for you in South Eastern Indiana.

8 Cerina Senior 2014

7 Cerina Senior 2014

6 Cerina Senior 2014

5 Cerina Senior 2014

Those eyes!! Amazing!
4 Cerina Senior 2014

2 Cerina Senior 2014

1 Cerina Senior 2014

1 comment:

melina holcomb said...

Shari you are an a amazing photographer, to capture so many excellent shots of my the way who hates to be photographed...thanks a million...