Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Time? Do you have some to spare?

Geeze Louise! I have been trying to update for-evah! Time just keeps getting away form me. Yeah yeah yeah. I know excuses!

Well, I am going to put up some photos up of a wedding I did for my dear dear friend Deena. Her mother and her boyfriend (of 21 years) decided to tied the knot on December 15, 2012! I offered my services and artsy fartsy skills (yes, my artsy fartsiness can be debated). Oh, do check out the Christmas bulb bouquet (and the hanging back drop) that Deena and I made. We had fun putting together this little shindig. Thank You Deena for asking me to help out!!

Congratulation Ruth and Tim. Best Wishes for a long, happy and healthy marriage!

PS - Ms. Deena is stepping in to learn how to use her DSLR and will be 2nd shooting with me. Starting this Sunday with a 3 month old shoot!



Deena's wonderful children Kendra and Sean both stood up with their grandma and Tom as witnesses. They were so sweet.

The whole damn family! Not really, but everyone that came to witness the lovely wedding.
Ruth & Tom December 2012

Dipity Do da - Dipity day! Both Ruth and Tom were leery on doing a dip for me. Apparently the last dip resulted on Ruth falling on her head. I am proud to say that this dip did not end up with the same results. LOL


And that dude preforming the ceremony.. that would be Deena's HOT boyfriend, Matt!



Pinterest was our friend while getting this little wedding in order. We (not me because I had my camera clutched in my hands) threw Cake sprinkles instead of rice or bird seed or what ever it is these days that are approved to throw. :P The sprinkles proved to be nice and colorful for photos. Plus, the kids all had sugar buzzes right afterwards.

Somebody loves to photograph dips! :D Plus the gazebo was such a pretty compliment against the Ohio River.

Congratulations Tom and Ruth!
Thank You Deena for including me as family!
I love you!


Muriel said...

Love the christmas theme! They look very happy together. What a cute little wedding.

Kala said...

Thank you! I know you can do it too! Airi, is crazy lol. I love these photos by the way, the last one is perfect :)