Friday, December 21, 2012

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Christ1Somebody is in the Emergency Room with CROUP! #baby #croup #sick #hospital #nakedSweethearts! #Amanda #Keith #colorselection #candycane #Christmas #blackandwhite #instagood #indiana #enjoyingthesmallthingsMy little DrewBonzo ( @anfox7 ) look-a-like. #instagood_lawrenceburg_indiana #instagood #enjoyingthesmallthings #snowmanhat #thumbsucker #christmasOh yeah! #wordswithfiends #112 #instagood_lawrenceburg_indiana #instagoodSanta, is that really you? #santa #cord #blackandwhite #cordsfirstchristmas #firstchristmas #christmas #reallysantaiknowwhoyoufreakingreallyare #instagood_lawrenceburg_indiana #instagood #enjoyingthesmallthings


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