Monday, April 16, 2012

Amanda & Keith

My nephew Keith recently became engaged to his lov,e Amanda. We usually refer to her as P as her last name is Pulouski and hardly anyone can say it. I wonder is she is secretly happy to have the nice neat (short) last name of Fox, when they decide to tie the knot> I know I like that short last name. ;)

Mike and I went out to their property out in the country to capture the engagement photos. I do have to say that we got a ton of super awesome photos.

Amanda & Keith April 2012 Amanda & Keith Engagement 4 Amanda & Keith 3 Amanda & Keith 2 P & Keith Engagement 4 Test.. This is a test of Shari's photo center.  I am curious what people think of this photo. I edited it in a new program and then took it over to my normal mode if editing. Please give me your honest opinion.  honest Love P & Keith   Shoot April 2012 #love #blackandwhit

Don't they make such a cute couple? I can not wait for the wedding.


The Wishful Lamb said...

beautiful shots!!!! totally pinned the first one ; )

Laura Delegal - Leroy Photography said...

These are spectacular. You have a wonderful eye.