Thursday, March 29, 2012


Hannah's competitive dance team made it to NATIONALS, in Indianapoli,s this last week end. Lucky for me.. my one & only sister lives in Indy AND lucky for her... she got to hang out with one crazy cool favorite sister, two nieces and a pint size (5 week old) nephew all week end.

I am such a slacker now that I have joined the world of smart phones. All of these photos in this post were taken with my iphone. Sad sad sad! I DID take my nice expensive camera to Indy with me but I only took photos with my iphone. Really? Yeah, I suck. BUT at least I have it documented. That counts right??

Hannah watching some after school shows before we head out!!

Doritos, baby bottle and TV!! The life of a 7 1/2 year old! #doritos , #babybottle and #cartoons finger lickin' good...

Here are my lovely grand babies ready to head out for the week end. Look Out Aunt Shell - Here we come!!

And we're off to #roadtrip #car #jeep

Look at how HUGE my sister's cat is. I wish I had time to lighten this photo up so everyone can see the people all crammed in on that love seat behind that cat. LMAO!

Beware... Pig cat lurks....

My sis with her wrapped up burrito great nephew!

Burrito Baby Boy! #baby

And the reason we went to Indianapolis.

Born To Boogie Dance Team #instagood #indianapolis #dance

Hannah's very own traveling support team.


Hannah's dance troop took home 5 (I think) trophies. She danced in 2 dances and they won 2nd and 3rd places, respectively.

Dance Nationals... 2nd & 3rd places respectively !!!

Hannah and Erin really wanted to visit the Children's Museum while we there. Here is the front of the museum.

PS Cord had a grand time riding around n his stroller and checking out EVERY.SINGLE.LIGHT in the building.

Oh yeah!!! Finally!

This by far is my favorite picture of the entire week end. Hannah has never really be into Barbie but she totally enjoyed the Barbie exhibit!! We were so lucky we went when we did!! That day was the last day for the Barbie exhibit.

In her glory. And we are so happy we made it because today is the last day for the #Barbie

More from the Barbie exhibit.

Barbie love


Designing.. #barbie


Designed #barbie

Momma, Hannah and Cord. I am kicking myself for this being so dark. Darn iphone!

Momma, Hannah & Cord

Hannah wanted to spend her Spring Break with her Aunt Shell. She has decided to come home tonight. I am pretty excited. I miss her.

and lastly - just because this is my blog and I can do it.. here is her latest writing assignment.

LOL and dude!! Why does everything die in her stories? LOL LOL LOL ... Because my grand daughter is a realist..

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Steph said...

Thanks for posting this. I loved seeing all the pictures of your weekend adventure. Also the shirts you all wore for the dance competition...priceless! Oh and I loved the leprechain story!!! :)