Monday, August 22, 2011

DOUBLE the pleasure and DOUBLE the fun!

Oh man! To say we have been busy is just an understatement. Last week end my Step Daughter was married and the follow morning I did a DOUBLE senior photo shoot for Mike's Cousin and his niece. I think both girls had a great time doing the shoot. It took extra long because they traded clothes - in the back seat of a car. Over all I think everything turned out nicely.

I have finally finished up editing their photos and have their CD's ready to be mailed out tonight.

First up both girls.
Katie is the Ginger and Hayley is the Brunette.
Katie 2

Hayley 1

Katie 3

Katie 9

Hayley 27

Katie 1


Katie 6

Hayley 13

So that was just a few of my favorites from the double Senior Photo session.

Congratulations on your graduation and Good-Luck Hayley and Katie in the next chapter of your lives.


Muriel said...

They came out so cute! I love the one with the book!

The Wishful Lamb said...

woah when did u get so good ; P