Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summertime girls

Meghan and Mary have turned 6 months old already! Really? Where did the time go?

Mom, Krystal text me telling me the girls were sitting up and they needed some pictures. I had seen on Facebook (in her and her hubby photos) that they were sitting up but my brain refused to accept it. Those 'ittle bitty baby girls that arrive in the cold of January were SIX.MONTHS.OLD and now SITTING.UP!

Per usual they girls were all smiles and giddy but as soon as I put the camera to my eye... one of the two started to cry. And, per usual, I still can not tell you who is who in the photos. It is funny that they are NOT identical twins they sure do look a lot alike!

Oh, and on this shoot I took Mike's cousin Jessie to help me out and be my 2nd shooter. Plus, Mike's daughter is getting married in a few weeks and Mike will be in the wedding and I wont have that 2nd shooter. I have asked Jessie to help me out with that job. ;) I hope I don't scare her off. haha

On to the big girls!

twin girls

One is Mary and one is Meghan. Guess your best cuz that is all I can do. haha

mary 1 or this could be Mary!

New toofers!
Meghan 1

Meghan 2

twins Megan and Mary 1


Ashley Sisk said...

Aren't they adorable - love it!

elizabeth said...

gosh those eyes are amazing - and you did a great job of capturing their personalities!!!

~Becky~ said...


Muriel said...

They are beautiful!! I can't get over those eyes! Great job on the shots they came out great!

The Wishful Lamb said...

girl do not even get me started with these people are their rigged photo "challenges"

I have entered soooo many challenges and have won about 5 times, I am not stupid I know my photos although not the greatest, are wayyy better then some who win. The thing that I found is it is not even photography blogs hosting most of the challenges, it is mom yeah that should give you a clue right there lol!

Anyways I would be for than happy to answer any questions you have about LR, also I am use to you blowin up my blog with your long ass comments lol j/k :P