Friday, May 20, 2011

Almost ONE year.

Today is the day! Today is the day that my baby boy Drew flies home. :D Not to his home but his childhood home. You see, my last born child resides in Alaska. He (and his Stephy) loves it there. But, family and friends have not seen him (with the exception of Skype) for almost 2 years (!).

Skype time with Drew
Skype The next best thing

I had to make a mad dash to Alaska this time last year. Drew had blown his knee out and had no one to take care of him. SO - taadaa! Momma to the rescue.

It took me 40 hours just to get out of CVG airport. I am very thankful that my aunt (and cousin) work for Delta and I got a buddy pass. Like for real who has an extra $1,500 laying around for an emergency plane ticket to Alaska? So yeah, I am very thankful to my Aunt Regina!!! But, finally, I made it to my son. I was on the last plane on the last flight that would take me to him before his surgery.


Shew! I was a wreck. But I made it. What I thought was going to be about a 4-5 day trip ended up being an entire month. Drew had complications with his knee surgery then developed blood clots.. it was just scary. So I stayed. I mean... he couldn't even walk. Finally, he got better and I boarded a plane back to Cincinnati. That was the last time I have seen my baby.

Got Moose?

This was my last view of Alaska.
Good Bye Alaska

AND - TONIGHT he ARRIVES here in Indiana for 10 glorious days!

Both of my boys. Dean (left) & Drew (right). I hope to get a few shots of all 3 of my kids this week end.
christmas 05 2

Drew & Steph The week before he moved to Alaska.
#21 #8 #1 #28

We wish Stephy could have came back with Drew but, she is flying to California to attend her brothers college graduation. And to see her very own mom & dad, while Drew is visiting with us. We love you Steph!

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He & Me + 3 said...

Enjoy your time with your son. How fun! ouch on that knee. yuck.