Friday, September 17, 2010

I have been following Love That Shot for awhile now. This will be my first time linking up to their challenge.

This photo is one that I took for my photog class this week. I seriously didn't to tooo much to this shot at all. I cropped it and brightened the colors a little bit and that is is. I do love me a shot of a kid not smiling it is a good thing cuz that is what I got. ;) My bro graciously gave me that kickin' cook chair and I had just bought the feather hair bow online so I just had to take some shots. This is what I got!

Photog Class Portrait

I like this photo. I cropped it and did a 60's color overlay then lightened the colors. Just to tweek it a bit. Yeah, I like this one. I am not the best editor I usually try to adjust the photo as close to the correct coloring as possible. I have a hard time stepping out and doing something different. So there ya have it.. something different from me.


On this photo - I did a tight crop, hoping to pull out her blue eyes that I brightened. I am not to sure about this crop. I brightened the colors and slightly adjusted the contrast. Oh and rotated the shot to the left, hoping to get an artys fartys kinda look. I am not to sure that succeeded. Funny when I uploaded this shot to my Mac this shot was crystal clear now I see it is kinda fuzzy. I am not thrilled with this photo and would love to hear some constructive criticism and/or suggestions.


Ok - so why don't you head on over to Love That Shot and see that is happening over there.


Amanda said...

I love the shot and think the crop is great. Sometimes when loading straight to Blogger or, images can lose their sharpness. I have found better success loading to Flickr and inputting the HTML code for the image.

CC - I'd probably up the contrast a bit and sharpen her eyes a touch more.

Great job, though! She is beautiful!

He & Me + 3 said...

I see the fuzziness in the last one but the first two are rock star pictures. I love them all though. Great job...the edits are perfect too.