Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pre-School Graduation

Well Hannah has graduated Pre-School. She has only attended for 3 months, but for those 3 months she sure loved school. Look Out Kindergarten This girl loves school.

I didn't get a lot of great photos from her graduation but I did get a few.

Here she is all proud.

Miss Sonya giving Hannah her awards. *sit down little girl that is in the way* grrrr..
photo 113 016

The graduate

Most of the graduating class
The graduating Pre-school class

Best Friends (Mia & Hannah)
Best Friends

I do not think Logan is the newest bf. We don't hear about him much. But, Logan asked me who I can to see graduate. Before I could answer - he asked me if it was him that I can to watch. Then he was fascinated with my cameras and asked many questions. Like: Can I take a picture? Yeah, I let him.. and Mia and Caitlin and Hannah and most of the pre-school kids. *sigh* I am such a sucker for kids in my old age.
Logan & Hannah

Oh and after I took these 2 shots of Logan, he said: Ya know.*pause* I like to put my teeth like this (see the photos) when I get my picture taken - My Mom gets mad at me. LOL from the mouth of babes, eh?
Logan, Mia & Hannah

Congratulations, Hannah!


Samantha said...

Congratulations on your new graduate!

Thank you for your comment over at my blog, it means a lot to me.

Scott said...

Yay Hannah!!! Congratulations!!! I just love that picture with H and her friend Mia. Great set of pictures Shari! Hannah looks really excited! :o)