Wednesday, December 14, 2016


ThermaSnap is a brand new technology. It is a compression sleeve that stays warm and cool. All you do is snap it to activate it! ThermoSnap comes in an assortment of colors and you can where it anywhere! For only $50 at Nike, Beacon, Under Armour, and Dick's. Athlete and health companies all over the world love this. Also, in October 15% of the proceeds go toward breast cancer. "ThermaSnap will snap the pain right out of ya!'" (For school project)
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Commercials we love:
Buick Wedding
Wiener dog Super Bowl
Game of war camping
Doritos "No Dogs Allowed"

Commercials we hate:
All Statefarm
All Progessive
All Gieco
All Arby's
Peyton Manning Nationwide

Take it from our mascot Peggy the Penquin!

By: Hannah Fox, Cora Taylor, and Lydia Armstrong

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