Friday, February 15, 2013

School Valentine's

complements of Miss Hannah.

Hannah got a new Kindle HD Fire for Christmas. She has her very own Pinterest and has been burning it up. These are the Valentine's that she wanted to make. Not my choice on what I would make  but it  was her choice.
 Valentines 2013

Simple and she LOVED them.  She made 88 of these little buggers, both for school and dance.
It took her a few weeks and she has to recruit a few of her Uncles and an Aunt to get them finished but she did.  They are cute, but - - I love photo Valentine's.  Waah!

So, the Valentines were finally finished on Tuesday evening and dance was Wednesday evening.  Everything was ready to rock and roll and then it hit me me that she may need a Valentine box for giving hers out at dance and receiving at school. Doy!!! - really what was I thinking - ha or not thinking?  I scoured her papers from school and Yes, right there was the note that said she needed a container for her Valentine's. grrr... I am kicking myself in the big fat Ass wondering how I overlooked this important factor in Valentine's giving and receiving process.

Last year she made these these  Valentine's. So after hunting on Pinterest and coming up short, I had an idea stirring.  This is what we came up with quick and fairly simple Valentine Container.

Valentines 2013

The design  and candy hearts were Hannah's idea. She was even allowed to use her NEW Zebra Glue gun that Santa brought for her.  Win Win on my end.

I hope everyone Heart Day was enjoyable. I am glad the artsy farty stuff is over for a few months.

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