Friday, June 8, 2012

Just a little fairy garden..

For awhile now Hannah and I have been hording and collecting items to use to make a fairy garden. Last night we decided to venture outside and start working on this magical project. I'm pretty lame and did not get out my *big* camera these were all snapped on my iphone. And posted on Instagram baby! Holla if you have Instagram! You can find me at @sharifox. If you are so inclined.

Here is the artist herself at work painting her birdhouse fairy house.

Finally!!! We found enough time to work on the FAIRY GARDEN!!! #fairygarden #paint #house #hannah

We decided to use stickers and draw the stem and leaves on flowers to adorn the birdhouse fairy house.

Fairy house.. Nearing completion. #house #hannah #fairygarden #fairyhouse

Placement was very important in this operation "Fairy Garden".
Fairy house set on foundation..check• #fairyhouse #fairygarden #hannah

The engineer and mastermind behind this fairy goodness - Miss Diva Hannah herself. She decided that she would like to change the rock path to a different color and use the blue to make a pond. So we may work on that this week end. She also decide to make things easily accessible just in case the fairies may want to "re-decorate". So look for more home improvements in the future.

The engineer and mastermind behind the project. #hannah #fairygarden #fairyhouse #house #paint

And last but not least - this is where the fairy garden shall reside (for the time being). There is a certain someone that is a bit worried about future tornadoes and the fate of the fairy garden.



The Wishful Lamb said...

very cool :)

Steph said...

I love this idea...Very creative you two! :)