Monday, September 26, 2011

One Sunny Saturday Shoot

Seriously, every time I shoot this family I have the best time. They really make my job pretty easy. We have so much fun every time we get together and even for photo shoots. ;) They are always up for ANYTHING! Thanks so much Deena for a fantabulous shoot. I love you guys! Really, for realz I do!!! This time around Matt and his daughter Jolie were there for some photos. I don't think they were to afraid of me and my wacky ideas! Be sure to pay extra close attention to the photos of the extended family on the rock stairs. Matt made them for his work. Pretty neat-o if I do say so myself. Lucky for me Deena and her fam. welcomed Hannah into some of their photos. I think Hannah is smitten with Sean. Thanks so much Deena for another groovy session! BEWARE ridiculous cute people and many photos below. Matt & Deena 1 Lil fam Sean & Kendra Sean 2 Drama Kids Collins Fam The girs Deena, Matt & kids Kids Bro & Sis Sean 1 CrossWalk Diva Chicks


He & Me + 3 said...

Omgosh! I adore these photos. Great job. Loving the kissing book one. FUN! That would be soooooooo cute for a prom/homecoming shot. Don't you think? Love it. Also love the attitude in the last shot. CUTE!

Deena Collins said...

Shari you are so right, we always have a blast! I love the photos so much. Your right I think miss Hannah is a little smitten with Sean and how cute is that. We love her hanging with us. Well you know we love ya, and am looking forward to sharing these photos with our families!