Monday, September 19, 2011

Carter & Momma

Summer needed some photos for Carter's Great Great Grandma (I think it) who was coming to visit in a few weeks. This day was a great day to shoot outside. The air was very Fall-ish, very breezy and for once the sun was (finally) not trying to scorch us to death. Mmmm I love me some Fall weather! Enjoy you some Summer and Carter photos. ShariSShotScarter9 Carter & Mommy 2 Carter Carter wanted to blow the bubbles. The more Summer continued to try to blow bubbles the louder and harder Carter screamed. I had to go with the flow and grab a shot of his fit he was throwing. I am sure momma can use it as blackmail or perhaps save it for some entertain for his girlfriends... ?.. lol Cry Baby Carter Ha! After Summer attempted multiple times to produce some bubbles, to no avail, she handed the bubble over to Carter since he was throwing such a brat fit. And and and .. this photo is the result of his attempt at blowing bubbles. Really ? Oh and did I mention how windy it was outside? Yeah! Bubble Boy Oh the joys of parenting and photography! ;) Carter & Momma

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He & Me + 3 said...

Oh sweet. I love the crying one. Sorry, but it is just precious. The rest are adorable too. You are really rockin your camera these days. Love them all. Where do you print your prints? I am having difficulty finding a place I like.