Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The 2'fer

I am like so so behind on this post.

My son Drew lives in Alaska he came home for a little visit at the end of May. He had not been to Indiana for almost 2 years. My step-daughter Erin and I, decided the best plan for all family members and friends who wanted to hook up with Drew on his 9 days here was to throw a party and invite everyone over to see him. Yeah - a Party! Our BigFat/WelcomeHomeDrew/HappyBirthdayErinParty!

Drew arrived back here May 20 at midnight our time and was very jet lagged. Erin and I decided to let him rest up a bit (Alaska is 4 hours behind Indiana time) and threw the party on Sunday, May 22. That way he was feeling a bit more human. May 22nd also happens to be Erin's 22nd birthday so we just decided to make it a 2'fer party. One big fat party! That my friends is just what we did, we threw a huge WelcomeHomeDrew/HappyBirthdayErin/cookout. We had over 50 people stop by to visit with Drew and to wish Miss Erin a Happy Birthday. I can not believe that everyone EXCEPT 3 people showed up! Yikkes! Who woulda knew?? That makes me so nervous since Erin is going to be wed this coming August and I am really wondering...if everyone she invites will show up!!!!! Oh dear, Oh my!

Beware there are many many photos in this post. But, it is ok I need it documented and I really want Steph (Drew's girlfriend) to feel kinda like she was part of the festivities. Steph we love and miss you girl!

The Birthday girl and her niece the lil princess.

Jealousy! Seems others were getting a lot of attention other then the lil princess.
Drew & Hannah

Erin and her BFF/Matron of Honor - Shaina
Erin & Shaina

The other guest of honor with the always adorable Carterpillar!! Who was BTW infatuated with DREW!
Drew & Carter


It was so HOT! Ava (my 2nd cousin) and Hannah my grand daughter. Does that make Ava and Hannah 3rd cousins? What ever it is they had a grand time.
2nd cousins

Ava and her Dad, Tony (my 1st cousin) Ok I am officially cousin confused now!

Ava, Hannah & Lizzy

Hannah and Keith!

The first time MY dad (Drew's Grandpa) got to see him. Love this photo.

My mom and Drew

Not to be left out and not leaving DREW's side, Carter also got a hug from (his) Aunt Pat!

Some of the girl cousins

Dean, Erin & Shaina

Oh Dear! This photo cracks me up. This is all Mike's kids and My kids - plus one. But look at everyone's faces... tooo tooo funny. And it's pretty funny that this is the ONLY photo I have of all of them together. I wonder if I should get it on canvas! LOL
All the kids plus one

Oh holy grainy-ness. Oh well - A great day was had by all!

I am really kicking myself for not getting photos of EVERYONE that came to the party. But then again.. this post would be so long - and - well I am sure no one would be left reading. LOL

Oh Wait! Look!!
One more for good measure - Some more Carter cuteness!
Play Ball?
Carter 1

Yes, he had just fallen and got the road rash on his forehead.


Renee said...

I LOVE the picture of the kids together! It definitely needs to at least be framed! :)

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

Even with the road rash, I can feel the JOY in these photos! Such a lovely post, Shari.

Steph said...

Oh Shari, thanks so much for posting this. Makes me smile :)

Miss and love you guys too!