Friday, May 6, 2011

Dad & Mom

Today is my Daddy's Happy Birthday. I think he is 69 today. As everyone also knows this Sunday Mother's Day. So - today I am sharing 2 photo of my Momma and Papa in honor of them.

I love you Mom & Dad!



PS - both of my parents are ordained ministers here are a few from when they got re-ordained (?) Ordianed again (?) I am not sure what it is called but these were a few years back. My dad will be marrying* my step-daughter this Summer. How cool is that?

* Because I don't want people to think my family is funky in that way, marrying my step daughter as in preforming the marriage.... NOT getting married to her. LOL @ Jodi!


Natalie said...

That is VERY cool and Happy Birthday to him! And many more! Blessings, friend! & Happy Weekend!

Ashley Sisk said...

Yay - Happy Birthday!

Laura said...

I LOVE that first photo. What a precious moment. My parents rarely pose in photos unless I coax them into it, and I do because I know that I'll cherish them in the years ahead. Love the blog background too, Shari! Beautiful!

JoJo said...

I love the first photo <3 I had to pause for a second though when I read the line "my dad is marrying my step-daughter" LOL

Mamarazzi said...

LMAO over the "family is funny" too cute.

my dad married my husband.

love the pics...happy mother's day!