Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Long awaited!

I have waited 9 years for this book to come out. Finally, on March 28 it was released. My dear Michael bought it for me. *swoon* Last night it arrived.
Introducing my new BFF!






I don't know where I heard the Jean Auel died while writing this LAST book to the Earth Children Series. Ha! maybe in my head I thought she died since it was taking so long to get this gem out. I did a bit-o-research and low and behold she is alive and well and her newest baby is tucked safely on my night stand, all 752 much awaited pages.


Karen Gladys Henry said...

Hey, girl! Your blog is cool! I've never read this series. What do you like about it?? Here's a chance to sell me on it ;))

Brandy said...

I cant wait to get it myself....but I am the type that has to go back and read the series over after waiting so long. lol