Tuesday, April 12, 2011

First Permanent Tooth!

Huston, I think we have a problem!

Just look!

First Tooth February 16 2011

Hannah is the very youngest in her 1st grade class (she started Kindergarten before she turned 5) so she is always asking when she will loose a tooth. Just the other week she was complaining about her tooth hurting and low and behold look what I found when I checked. Yeah, she is going to the dentist this next week - so maybe - just maybe she will get to lose her first tooth with a little help.


b. lee said...

oh wow * my 1st grader has lost a handful of teeth & they are are all comin' in a little funky * hope all goes well at the dentist, mama * *

Zsara said...

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Kmama said...

Oh wow! My Buddy (6.5 years old) has lost 9 teeth. But that's only because he doesn't have room for new teeth, so each time one comes in, one has to fall out. It's just crazy. He has a couple coming in SIDEWAYS right now. I'm starting to save for our orthodontia bills.