Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas is so magical for little kids, we all know this. This year is not an exception for Hannah at 6 years old. Our Queen of Drama totally caught me by surprise when we went to our kids Christmas party for work. Oh dear! It all started when she wrote a letter to Santa.




.. and .... a Family Dollar Store Toy book marked with circles, stars and "W"'s for the toys she liked/needed/wanted. Score!! The book was from the Family Dollar Store not Toys R Us. Nothing in that Toy Book was over $20!!! Rock out!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

Hannah was so excited to finally TALK to Santa and tell him the 8 things she really wanted (or what she thinks she wants)for Christmas. She walked in the vestibule at the venue and melted.. I.MEAN.SHE.seriously a heap on the floor sobbing. (This is very un-Hannah-like). I finally got her calmed down enough to tell me what the problem was. You see, she had left her carefully crafted Letter to Santa and the beloved Family Dollar Store Toy Book with her coveted items circled at home on the kitchen table.

It took me awhile but, I finally got her composed and headed off to talk with Santa. Then about 2 kids from her turn she says... "Mimi - I.don'!" *insert a 6 year old panicked look here* I told her.. Just tell him you want the iPod touch, the baby bassinet, snuggy and games. She chose right then and there to let me know that she no longer wanted an iPod touch. *insert Holy Freaked out Grandma look here* She proceed to let me know that she was a little girl and iPods are for teenagers. :O I almost melted in a heap this time. She wanted a DSi instead (this child already has 2 DS's but NOT a DSi {has a built in camera}). I had gone to great lengths to pick up that iPod and NOW she doesn't want it! :O Jeepers!!


When her turn arrived she popped up on Santa's lap and she said... "Mimi, you tell him what happened." I turned to Santa and said (like all Grandmas would say).. "Well Santa - Hannah has a little problem.." and she took over from there. She explained to Santa about the book and the list and how it was at home on the kitchen table and how horribly upset she was. Santa told her not to worry - See, Santa is magical and he watches to see who is naughty or nice. So he had seen her making out her list. He explained how he already knew what she wanted. He instructed her to just go home and and put the letter and book in the mail box and he would get it up at the North Pole before Christmas. She seemed OK with that.


After the party when we arrived home. Hannah picked up her letter and book and booked down to the mailbox to put them inside. I totally wanted to get them out of the mailbox and save them, in her baby book, until she was older and relay this little story to her. Instead - this Grandma forgot and the book and letter was mailed (for real) - gone - kaput - nothing in the mailbox.

I ran into out mailman (we know personally) and asked him if the took them. Oh yes, he informed me the he, himself mailed them to Santa. I looked at him quizzically and quickly explained that ALL Letters to Santa were delivered to a local person here in town that replies back to the child. How cool!

Hannah Santa "Mrs. Clause" December 2010 "6 years old"

Although she has not received a letter from the local Santa she did receive a recorded)phone call from the Jolly Ole' Man himself on the following Monday. (I used this AT&T Santa Call. She almost cried when she got the call. She said... "Mimi.. He told me...He told me that I am on the good list! I am sure he got my letter... I am sure!!!"

oh yeah.. for real people - 'Tis the season!


JoJo said...

Awww I love this post! I was going to put Skyler's letter to Santa on my blog as well.We were hit with the same thing. He waited until Saturday to tell us that the only thing he wanted was a Nintendo DS from Santa so Monday morning there I was ordering it from Amazon for $129. Kids! I'm glad you did everything you could to make her Christmas magical. She'll only be 6 once and hopefully when she gets older she'll have wonderful memories to look back on :)

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

Love the photos! My brother once asked santa for a brother... VERY loudly... he has 2 sisters. Poor kid. :D

Scott said...

Great story there Shari. Sounds like you all had a nice Christmas after all! I will have to say though, it looks like Mrs. Clause there has seen her better days!!! Holy crap! Did they have the paramedics standing by, just in case?!