Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Photo Basics On-line course by Barb Phillips

My friend Barb is offering an on-line photog course. I recommend you take it if you want to know more about how to run your camera. How cool would it be to have your camera work with you? She will teach you how to operate your camera. She has taught me sooo sooo much.

This is what is going to be covered during the class. (I took this info from Barb's page.)

Photo Basics On-Line Photography Course
$40 for 8 weeks of photography lessons - Online Course starts November 6, 2010.

Course Outline

* Setting up your camera, Program Modes - explore your options
* ISO, Focus and Metering Intro.
* Aperture Priority - AV/A Mode
* Shutter Priority - TV/S Mode
* Manual - pulling it all together
* Light, White Balance and Flash
* Composition - Techniques for photo enhancement
* Photography Organization, Biz Tips, Calibration and photo equipment tips and care

If this even remotely peeks your interest - suggest you hop RUN on over to her page and sign up!

Wha???? Your still here? What are you waiting for??? Go here to sign UP.. I promise you will be glad you did.

Click here:
Barb's On-line Photog Course

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