Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy 1st day of October!

This work week has been another doozy - I am glad today is the last day. I am a bit excited and nervous for the week end. I am shooting a HUGE wedding of dear friends of ours. So - I am trying to get things in order to do that tomorrow! Wish me luck.

Last night was Hannah's 4th guitar lesson. I was practicing my focus shots while she was taking class. This is what I got every time I pointed the camera in her direction.

As you can see Ben could not hold his laughing back any longer. I ended up not practicing during her lesson. She would just throw her arm up and POSE all the while still holding down her stings. Silly Girl!!

Also, last night Hannah got a surprise from Ben's mom. You see Hannah loaned Mary Ann her Nikon point and shoot camera to take with her on her trip to Maine a few weeks back. Mary Ann was so appreciative of Hannah's generosity this is what Mary Ann sent over to Hannah for allowing her to use her beloved camera.

Just say gorgeous - because - Dude, IT IS!

Hannah loves her new/old roll top desk. You can see in this photo the smile on her face and her MOST important school supplies already stored inside her desk.

New roll top desk

Also, during Hannah's guitar lessons she named her fingers and would call them by name when using them to play her notes. Again, Ben lost it. Here in this photo Dominic (thumb), Foxy (pointer) and Ben (middle hahah) approve of this rockin' cool desk.
Domonic,Foxy & Ben approved!

Yeah, try not to be alarmed at my photos - I am trying different preset with my new Lightroom 3. I am pretty much a lousy editor I tend to keep my colors as true to real life as I can. It is hard for me to branch out and experiment. This I am working on.


Ashley Sisk said...

That's funny...she's such a little poser!

He & Me + 3 said...

OMGosh that guitar lesson sounds way too fun. She is a cutie and super funny.
Gorgeous desk for sure. Wow that was a nice thank you gift.
Love the shots you are entering too.