Monday, July 26, 2010

My princess Hannah was the flower girl my cousin Natalie's wedding this past week end. She was absolutely adorable (if I do say so myself). This post will be all photos of her. Imagine that! :P I will also be posting photos of the wedding a little later.

The wedding was held in the quaint little river town of Vevay, Indiana. On the way to the wedding I seen all kinda of cool spots to pick her up and pluck her in to do some great shoots. But, we didn't want to ruin the flower girl dress before the gorgeous wedding. *sigh* If only...

Hannah 1

Hannah 2



I love love love this shot.

Flowergirl 8



Flowergirl 10

Flowergirl 12

I also love the next few shots. That girl!! Most times I do not have to tell her what I am looking for in a shot.. she just does it. AND - because I get comments that (always happy) Miss Hannah looks mad - rest assured she is NOT mad. She just does this.. just for me. Be still my heart.



Hannah 3


Candi Photography said...

Girl, all of these are fantastic!! I love them! Good job!

Steph said...

AMAZING!!! Hannah looks so grown up in these pictures. I absolutely love all of these. She looks so beautiful! :)

tea said...

What a little beauty! :)
I found you through the commenting challenge. :)

Abbie said...

Hannah is adorable! Found you through the commenting challenge. If you like hairbows, come and visit my blog & my site! ;-)

JoJo said...

Interesting....I have never looked at Hannah's pictures and thought she looked mad. To me she just looks wise beyond her years. A girl that small being able to show so many emotions in pictures is amazing to me. Happy, serious, sassy, she has it all! Have you guys ever thought about putting her in modeling? Some of those pictures look like they're straight out of a magazine!

Amanda said...

Great pictures!!! Hannah is a doll!!!
Also, I totally loved the Elvis pictures!! I love Elvis!!
I cam over from Jenna's blog hop/commenting challenge, and I am so glad I did!!!
Can't wait to keep following your blog!!

It's Always Something Around Here said...

Gorgeous photos!!!! Thanks for visiting my blog.

Here from Jenna blog hop!

criticalcrass said...

these are fantastic photos! adorable, indeed. :]

Kris said...

What a beautiful princess! Love the photos!