Friday, April 16, 2010

Mike and I thought we would try our hand at a little different media than we are used to shooting. We gathered our cameras and headed down to our local Tea Party. Our Tea party was held at the Dearborn County Courthouse. Below are a few snaps of some of the attendees that came down to participate.

Anyways, below are some of the photos that we gathered last night (April 15, 2010). Not all of the photos are mine as you can tell by the names. I have included some of Mike's photos also. He did an awesome job. Mike is thinking pretty hard about getting himself a blog. If and when he does - stay tuned - I will hook you up with the link! ;)

Country First

Dearborn County Tea <br />Party

Dearborn County Tea Party

Dearborn County Tea party


Dearborn County Tea Party

Mike took this smashing shot of Travis Hankins.
Travis Hankins

I really love the Red,White & Blue ribbons on the fliers that were passed out.
Tea Party 2010

We the Hoosiers was one of the organizations that the Tea Party.
We the Hoosiers

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JoJo said...

My favorites are the first two. (Big shocker there) The first one looks like it could be an ad in a magazine and I love the flag in the second one. Beautiful!