Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

This year Hannah has really enjoyed learning about the different holiday that we celebrate here in the USA. Last year in Kindergarten, Valentine's Day was not a big deal but this year as a big 1st grader - ooh la la - it certainly is.

We decided to make Heart Crayons as her Valentines for her classmates. I found this cute little idea over at Frugal Family Fun Blog. Go check out the blog they have lots and lots of great FRUGAL ideas. Anyways, for Hannah's teachers we also made the Valentine's that Lizzy and I made. See the post below this one. We really had a blast this year.

Here is how we made her Heart shaped Valentines.

We started off by taking all the crayon paper wrappers of of the crayons. Miss Hannah is a tad bit OCD so we had to keep all the crayons separated by color.

The we snapped the crayons into smaller pieces to fit nicely into the heart shaped mold.

We decided to just 2 colors per mold. That worked out nicely.

Then we baked them at 180 (I know the dial does not read 180 here but I was warming the oven up when I took this shot) for 7 - 10 minutes.

Then you need to let them solidify by either leaving them on the counter to harden or put them in the refrigerator or freezer to speed up the process. I prefer to let them harden on their own. They are way easier to get them out. IMHO.

And yeah - I forgot to take a shot of that step. *I fail* But I make up for it by taking many shots of the finished product. :D

But here are some shots of the first batch.



Here is a shot of the finished Valentines. Hannah and I had a blast making these.
Oh and the bright pink piece of paper in the bag - is a warning that these are CRAYONS and not CANDY - DO NOT EAT! Ha. I don't need to have any 1st grade Moms calling us up with sick kiddos.

As I mentioned above we also made the Valentines in the post below (with Hannah in them not Lizzy) to give to her teachers and principal.



Kala said...

this is sooo cool! happy vday!

Pam Bowers said...

Love love love. Perfect for a 1st grader!

He & Me + 3 said...

Those are adorable. I really need to do this. So fun. Way to recycle the crayons. Love it.

Anonymous said...

so cute! I need to remember this for next year

Kala said...

no hun you can not add texture is LR, I make all my own presets, I just name them after when it does to the picture. The one I use most often is my pop presets that lighten the photos and either cools or warms the colors.

I can post the setting i use in LR for the eyes it is very easy and all you do is go over them with the brush. I will take a screenshot for you :)

Kala said...

here is the screen shot for you :)

Anonymous said...

what an awesome idea. we will have to try this for the next holiday.